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Super sharp lino tools again!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Not so long ago I bought myself several Pfeil Linocut tools. These are swiss lino tools that are far superior to the cheap little plastic handled tools I used to use.

I can't believe the work I used to do with the little red plastic handled tools I made all the Hong Kong prints with these tools and I used to buy the blades in packs of 20 or so as that was all I was aware of! However, since buying the Pfeil tools I haven't looked back and am able to cut so much more esily and accurtely with them. They do however get blunt! I keep them polished on a leather strop regularly between cutting but had got to the point where they really needed sharpening and I was reluctant to send them off to be sharpened by someone else as that would mean doing without them for a while. So... I bought a slip stone to sharpen them myself and with a little instruction from a print technician friend I had a go, with great results. I am so happy! it was not too difficult and I took it fairly gently and didn't make a horrible mess of their fine edges.

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