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How do you do that? (single colour lino print)

I am often asked how my prints are made, so I thought I would make some short videos to explain the process. There are a couple of different ways of working with Lino and I'll make a different video for each one.

Starting with the simplest process, this little video shows how I would make a single colour Lino print.

I usually use traditional grey lino, I transfer the image to the lino using carbon paper. I either scan or draw my image on my ipad and then flip it horizontally so any lettering etc comes out the right way round (and just generally your image looks the way you've drawn it).

I cut using the Swiss made Pfeil lino tools. These make cutting so easy, and if you cut a lot, they are relatively easy to sharpen and keep sharp using a Japanese sharpening stone with water.

Whilst cutting, I usually rub the image through on a piece of newsprint using a soft pencil to see how the lino is developing.

Finally, when everything is cut, I proof the image using any colour and newsprint again. This is just to see if there are any lines or areas I've missed and just to check I like the balance of the image.

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