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Whats been going on?

Current Workshops:

Paint Hong Kong in Watercolours has been so much fun and everyone has surprised themselves at their results. From letterboxes and lanterns, to rice bowls and doorways we have learnt multiple watercolour tips and tricks to achieve outstanding results. Most participants were complete newcomers to watercolours and now have the confidence to go urban sketching for our final session this week!

Upcoming Workshops:

Linocut Printmaking (4 week course)

Paint Hong Kong Historic Shopfronts

Beginners reduction Linocut

Advanced Reduction Linocut 

My workshops are held in either a central art studio or a professional printmaking Studio at the Jockey Club arts centre in Shek Kip Mei.

All classes are group classes and are usually four to ten people, the atmosphere is mutually supportive and a lot of fun, most classes are open to complete beginners as well as those with some experience.

Recent work:

Urban Sketching: Travel has come back for us here in Hong Kong and I have been lucky enough to take a couple of short trips here in Asia, sketching in a new place is a whole different way of seeing somewhere, it forces you to slow down, sit for a few hours and observe, really observe! here are a couple of pages from my recent travel sketchbooks and some more finished paintings from the sketches.

New work:

Lino prints: Lino prints are a long time in the making, they often involve many layers of colour, many sessions of cutting each layer from the lino and then drying time for each layer before adding the next colour. This month I decided to make a new version of a print that has been very popular and in fact has just sold out. It is my print of the star ferry in Hong Kong harbour, it now has a slightly different skyline in the background and features a diffferent Star Ferry, the CELESTIAL STAR.

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